A Beagle Channel Navigation to visit different points including
the penguin colony of Martillo Island

Beagle Channel Navigation – Penguin Rookery Martillo Island – Half Day

This excursion only happens between October and April, and it´s going to be across the Beagle Channel stopping on the main islands, to finally get to Martillo´s Island, where you are going to see the penguins.

We will start from the port, and then we will stop on “De Los Lobos” and “De Los Pajaros” islands, to see Sea Lions and Cormorants.
After this, we are going to go to “Les Eclereus” Lighthouse. While we are navigating east, it will possible to see incredible views of the Channel and the Mountains.

During the navigation, we will identify Almanza´s Port on the Argentine side, and Puerto William´s naval base on the Chilean side.
You will get to Martillo Island, to stop around 30 minutes, and enjoy the experience with these lovely animals. You are going to be able to see mostly Magallanic Penguins and Papua Penguins.

On our return way, we will navigate closely to the coast of the Channel that will allow you to see the flora and the wildlife closer.

You also will see Tunel, and Remolino Stanza, also the half-sunk, Steam Ship Monte Sarmiento, that´s been there from 1912.

Our last view on our way back will be from the mountains that surrounded Ushuaia.

This is a pretty complete trip, since you have history and nature, with incredible landscapes.

NOTE: If it´s necessary, this trip could stop on Harberton to pick up or drop off passengers from the catamaran.


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