This program is a beautiful journey into the almost uninhabited, peaceful location of the first “estancia” in Tierra del Fuego: Harberton Ranch.

Gable Island, Penguin Rookery, and Harberton Ranch - Full Day

This excursion only happens between October and March.

Sail to the Sea Lions Island, Birds Island and the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Enjoy the Magellanic penguin colony and visit the historical Harberton Ranch. During the navigation we will also see a colony of Sea Lions and Imperial Cormorants, among other birds. The return is by bus driving through the “J” Road and the National Road N° 3, where we will be able to appreciate the landscape of woods, valleys and mountains.

Presentation Time at Touristic Pier: 08.30 hs.
Approximate Duration: 8 hs.

What's Included?

IMPORTANT: The departure dates are ONLY on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.